Unknown Territories  

Lottie Carron considers the power of exploring the new and breaking out of conditioned habits, guiding us into potential ways to move away from a place of fear and towards love


Humanity is in a period of uncertainty. There has been a reported rise in depression, anxiety and PTSD over the past 10 years. Unfortunately, it can be hard to break out of these cycles. When confronted by situations, experiences or decisions that are new and unknown, often we find ourselves shying away from them, in turn becoming more disconnected. Perhaps it is having the courage to explore and break beyond our comfort zone that will help to uplift. 

"it's important to remind ourselves to stop thinking so much and just do!"

Fear is an evolutionary survival instinct that is ingrained into our psyche. While it can be a useful practice to be aware of our fears, we must not allow them to control or limit experiences which contribute to our growth. Sometimes a burning desire to do something is unfortunately coined with an intense fear of carrying it out. At these times, it's important to remind ourselves to stop thinking so much and just do! Not allowing doubt to seep in by pausing to reflect. 

Fleeing is a learned response which can be easier than facing confrontation. Humans have the capacity to reverse these instinctual patterns- unlearning what has been learned. When overcoming a challenge, the positive rewards you gain can rewire the brain, creating new neural pathways. In turn this changes our behavioural patterns in response to certain situations.  

At those times when we are faced with difficult or fearful decisions in our lives, perhaps we could consider their potential for growth. Comfort can be a huge limiter and, arguably, in this over-nurturing society we can often be too soft on ourselves. So buckle up and do the things you want to without letting fears control you - outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens. If not now then when!  LC

"When I trust I'm the ocean, I'm not afraid of the waves." (Tara Brach) 

Lottie Carron is currently based in Berlin where she is deepening her yoga practice and keeping her hands busy by making and designing jewellery.