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DAISYV is a  UK based designer committed to ethical jewellery design.  She is a seeker of adventure and a lover of snowboarding, travel and the ocean. Daisy writes for ELBOW COLLECTIVE to describe the importance of supporting small mindful businesses

"Buying from small businesses and supporting artisan workers has become increasingly popular in recent years. People are more conscious of the importance of buying products that are ethically and sustainably made, which is awesome both for individual artists-and our planet too

When I first started DAISYV, it was always my main aim to produce a jewellery brand with products that were responsibly made. It just didn’t sit well with me to create beautiful products using materials that were sourced in an unethical way. As a result, I use recycled sterling silver in all of my creations and recycle offcuts back into designs. I also ensure that all of my packaging is made from recycled and biodegradable materials. I like to think that the beauty of my jewellery stretches far beyond it’s physical beauty, giving it a deeper meaning, making it that bit more special, which goes for all ethically made, non-mass produced products.

"Mountain textures, ocean waves and the ever changing colours of a sky at dusk all find their way into my designs"

Our natural world is the main inspiration behind my jewellery. Mountain textures, ocean waves and the ever changing colours of a sky at dusk all find their way into my designs. My love for our planet is what prompted me to partner with Eden Projects. Eden is an amazing reforestation charity that has nurseries in areas of the World that have been devastated by deforestation. The charity helps to restore healthy forests and eco-systems in these areas by employing local villagers  to plant native tree species, providing them with much needed income in the process. For every DAISYV product that is sold, I donate enough money to ensure that one tree is planted and raised to maturity with Eden Projects and I am committed to doing this for as long as I make jewellery -which I hope will be a long while yet!

Both making and purchasing products that are ethically made creates a sense of purpose and pride that you just can’t get with items that are cheaply made and mass produced. Perhaps they cost a little more, but the time and love that goes into their creation, as well as their positive impact towards the environment, make a worthwhile investment." DV

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made for the dreamers, barefoot wanderers and adventure seekers  

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