Our Outer World Reflects Our Inner World

Emily Ruygrok considers whether  becoming increasingly in tune with our inner state of being could assist in preventing complex global problems from surfacing.

There are many people who view nature as something that exists separately to them, unaware that we are in fact an integral part of nature. I believe this growing disconnection and separation is the root cause of many of the challenges we face as a global community today. 

All animals live according to nature's laws. Humans are the only species that attempt to live against these laws and consequently the only species capable of destroying the entire biosphere of life on our earth. I believe that in order to combat climate change and halt the downward trajectory of our planet's condition we need a simultaneous shift of collective consciousness. as well as physical solutions. The impact of methods such as yoga and meditation could have greater weight than we realise in tackling these issues long term. 

"we are not powerless as individuals but an integral part of a greater whole"

I often find that there is a huge misconception surrounding yoga, that its benefit is merely physical, where in fact is an ancient art of presence, awareness and connection. Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root "yuj," meaning to join or to unite, which conveys its (capability) for harmonising for the body, mind, and spirit.

Before I started the daily practices of yoga and meditation I lived a very individualistic life. I chose to remain blinded to the effects of my actions. As I up-levelled my attention to a more reflective and witnessing consciousness on the mat, I noticed that this came more naturally in my every day life. I started to understand the interconnectivity of everything and became more aware of things that I had previously been unconscious to. I thought about what would happen if I supported certain industries, ate certain foods or bought certain products. I started to ask questions, become mindful and live above the line.

If we want to make great change to the monumental environmental issues we are facing we need to raise the general public's awareness to a level of “us” rather than I, me, and mine. It is essential that we bring forth a new level of understanding about the interconnectivity of all living things and the impact of each of our actions, that we are not powerless as individuals but an integral part of a greater whole. ER

Emily is currently teaching yoga full time in Queenstown, New Zealand. If you are in the area, contact her for class times at emruygrokyoga@gmail.com