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The less I needed, the better I felt
— Charles Bukowski

Sally is unafraid to move slowly in an era of constant speed. An unhurried approach affords her the chance to take in tiny details and notice subtle changes. Although at first glance she appears to be level, Sally’s imagination and inner child run wild. She is a lover of culture and is infinitely inspired by the tradition of storytelling. As both a poet and a ponderer, Sally is happiest when her hands and mind are occupied in a creative project.

Ever desirous of new adventures, Sally has taken her journey from her London hometown across to India. Here she continues to learn breath, mind and body practices  inspired by Yoga tradition.

Sally believes that observation is the greatest tool we can use to unlock our capacity for change, allowing us to develop a greater understanding of our environment, the self and beyond.

Movement is not an intellectual process, nor is meditation. Both are heartfelt experiences of a being in a body
— Joanne Avison

Grace is defined by a passion for exploring the body’s rhythmic capacity for authentic expression. She believes that venturing deeply into the physical vessel is the best way to access our secret powers and hidden capabilities. This fascination with the physical blossomed from childhood, where her discovery of dance began. Exploring Yoga grants her a deeper connection to the body and evolution of her relationship with physicality. Extending to an understanding of the importance of stillness and contemplation, such that Asana and Pranayama are integral parts of her daily practice. As a teacher, she hopes to inspire a commitment to ones own self study and a continuation of learning beyond the courses she's teaches on. 

Originally hailing from the small town of Windsor in the UK, Grace continues to creatively draw on inspiration from Oxford, London, Berlin, Bali, New York and of course India. These diverse influences shape her experiments with the breadth of human connection through touch, body language and more.

Fearful yet enchanted by the potential of self-exploration, Grace’s attention dances between the tangible physical and the subliminal metaphysical. Her curiosity sails along the subtle spectrum of intimacy, feminism and poetry, all the while questioning the meaning of human existence.

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it
— the Universe

Amelia is spontaneous, playful, and competitive. Ever the rebellious tomboy as a child, her character continues to be strong-willed and autonomous, constantly deconstructing the rules and expectations of society. When something inspires her, Amelia is unstoppable.

While her roots establish her as a proud Catalan national, Amelia is a dedicated traveler. She seamlessly speaks four languages and enjoys immersing herself in new surroundings; with journeys taking her from Bali, Cuba, India and beyond.

As a teacher, Amelia is unwaveringly attentive and possesses the rare gift of making learning fun and enjoyable. Ask her any question about functional anatomy and her creative response will provide you with the most accessible answer.

Amelia is sure that her purpose in life is to help and inspire other people to believe in themselves and challenge their existence. When she isn’t demonstrating and exploring the ways of the human body, she’s experimenting with painting, drawing and creative solutions for new ideas.

On really romantic evenings of self, I go salsa dancing with my confusion
— Waking Life

Lottie is captivated by human nature and the intricate relationship between body and mind.  She is a vibrant and inquisitive investigator, fiercely questioning discrepancies between perceptions of reality. Lottie first approached the mind from a scientific standpoint during her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology which sparked her ongoing exploration into what constitutes the human condition.

Having always been an avid traveler, Lottie’s intrigue navigated her from her studies in the UK over to Asia. She has since delved into a more versatile sphere of holistic exploration. Lottie uses tender, tactile approaches as well as the subconscious, targeting both inner and outer realms in order to access the self.

Lottie is currently absorbed in yoga philosophy and the Hindu tradition, particularly inspired by concepts of the microcosm and macrocosm. She places huge importance on recognising the deep web of existence woven between man and nature.

How good is it to realise that within us there is someone who knows everything?
— Hermann Hesse

Beatrice has always been a playful adventurer, passionate about investigating her personal boundaries.  Ever since growing up in Montreal, she has been following the rhythm of her beating heart through dancing and singing. This exploration of her own self expression led Beatrice to yoga, redefining boundaries of breath, body and self.

Beatrice feels deeply connected to the welfare of the planet. She is a firm advocate of animal rights and aims ceaselessly to empower people to limit their waste. Inspired by nature, Beatrice loves noticing its subtle patterns and idiosyncrasies. From surfing in Sri Lanka to hiking in the Himalayas, Beatrice feels best at the highest peak of a mountain or in the depths of a blue sea.

The introspective practice of yoga has opened Beatrice up to a whole new meaning of the word being; finding peace in simplicity rather than always seeking it in intensity. Exploring yoga has since been the fuel that constantly sparks her inner fire. She aspires to inspire people to push their own boundaries, so they can not only find but also follow their true inner self.

Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known
— Carl Sagan

Alyse is an effervescent seeker, following the white rabbit of self-exploration. She is ever an undeterred optimist.

Yoga’s delicate interplay between gross and subtle existence captivate her imagination. Compassion and commitment to expanding universal consciousness drive Alyse in her desire to help others discover abundance within themselves. She’s fascinated with exploring the energetic body and esoteric healing; some might say she’s a bit of a mystic.

Born and bred in the humble prairies of Canada, Alyse’s gypsy spirit has taken her around the world and back again to magical India. She feels infinite gratitude for the beautiful souls and surroundings of South Goa.

Alyse is passionate about living simply, environmental stewardship and loves expression through painting and drawing. She believes the best things in life happen when you live in love and without struggle. 

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love, it will not lead you astray
— Rumi

Emily is wildly passionate about raising consciousness as she believes our current disconnection is the root of all the major issues we face as the human race. Inspired by nature and enchanted by adventure, Emily is constantly seeking out diverse experience and embracing new interactions.

Once held back by fear and uncertainty, Emily was set free during her world travels as she began to listen to her previously drowned out inner voice, gaining the confidence to pave her own path. Yoga became her sanctuary as well as her tool on her quest to understand and overcome conditioning of the mind. Her dedication to the practice guides her journey towards true connection and finding her own unique authenticity. As she continues to practice, teach and share around the world, Emily wants to help others find the same connection with yoga that she did.

She has recently moved to a beautiful mountain town in the south of New Zealand where she is flowing, growing and using her teaching as a tool to spread her light to as many people as possible.

Sexual energy as a source of healing can be harnessed to powerfully transform the self
— Michelle

Michelle is interested in unlocking the possibilities of the body and its many subtle layers. She feels that sexual energy as a source of healing can be harnessed to powerfully transform the self. After first discovering the practice of yoga during her tender teenage years, Michelle was inspired by its potential for connection, opening her up to a new world of self exploration. Michelle developed her love for aerial arts and circus through aerial yoga. Fascinated by eastern cultures and traditions Michelle's travels steered her towards India. Here she was able to explore energetic practises, such as Tantra, Kundalini and Meditation. This has paved the way for her deeper exploration into the nature of consciousness. Currently based in London, Michelle continues to share and gain knowledge that encourages healthier ways for people to connect

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing" - Albert Einstein