elbow collective est. 2016


ELBOW COLLECTIVE are a shamelessly curious collection of body movers, shape shifters, word weavers and drum beaters. They are playful yet sincere practitioners-unafraid to challenge boundaries and explore the mysterious. Inspired by an infinite love of life and their desire to connect with beings across the globe, Elbow Collective are ready to spread their light.

United by a ceaseless craving to share, encourage and expand ideas, this nomadic selection of souls first met in Goa and soon emerged as Elbow Collective. While yoga is the common thread, the Collective interweave creative disciplines to compose arresting and original work. They are advocates of raw expression, investigating rhythm, body, breath, mind and movement.

Since forming, the Collective has flourished, establishing a vibrant community space in South Goa, running experimental workshops, activities and lectures. Whether in collaboration or individually, Elbow Collective always empower each other to blossom.

With Goa still beating at the core of the Collective, this is a platform for the journey to continue internationally. A space for wild hearts and life lovers to connect. An opportunity to share, educate and discover. A place to inspire and be inspired.

Why Elbow?

We go by the rather abstract name of Elbow Collective, but why? we hear you ask. Well, the elbow joint is nestled in the middle of the human arm between the shoulder and the hand and wrist. It is intricately affected by movements above and below and symbolises cooperation and connection. This jointy, angely number plays a pivotal role in the free, fluid agility of the arm just as each of the Elbows in our collective influence and respond to each other.


"We're our own dragons as well as our own heroes, and we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves" - Tom Robbins